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The 18th annual Ennis Autumn Daze takes place at Bluebonnet Trails Park on the outskirts of El Paso, Texas. The festival takes place on the third weekend in April and the whole month is dedicated to the Red River Valley in Texas, from April 1 to May 31.

Tens of thousands of visitors make the short journey to Ennis to see this wonderful wildflower show. The trail is one of the oldest of its kind known in the country and has been officially mapped and used as a route for excursions since 1951. The club reports to the Ennis Convention and Visitors Bureau on the status of each Bluebonnet so visitors can be informed where the best flowers are at the time of their visit.

A printed card can be picked up at the Ennis Visitor Centre or you can contact the Tennis Department at 972 - 878 - 4748 or visitenni.org for more information. Visit the website, call us at 9 72 - 8 ght78-4748 and check our website for the latest information on what you can see and do in Enris. Dates, times, locations and other information about the Texas Bluebonnet Festival vary by year, location and weather.

You can also download the free Ennis Y Mobile App, which includes an interactive walking map. Anyone who wants to experience the trail with a garden club expert can explore it for free on the Facebook page of the CVJM Enris.

This attractive event continues to grow year after year and is always a crowd puller for the people of Enniger and visitors. There is also a fraternity, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are crowned annually. On October 1st, the Enris Polka Run will take place to fund reading programs for children and adults in the community, as well as a variety of other activities.

The second major festival in Ennis is the Bluebonnet Trails Festival, which celebrates the beauty and beauty of the surrounding landscape and its natural beauty. This three-day festival was first held in 1967 and is held every year to mark the 100th anniversary of its founding. There are several other local events and festivals throughout the year, including the Texas State Fair, the annual Texas Farm Bureau Fair and the Red River Festival.

The town has long been the site of two popular festivals, the first of which is the National Polka Festival. This festival features polka dances in an event hall operated by the Texas State Fair of Texas and the Ennis Chamber of Commerce. The event attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year, including trips to the festival in the city centre.

Other children's activities at the festival include rock climbing walls, a climbing wall and a water slide. A craft beer tent near the main stage is a great way to relax and enjoy the fun. Take a scenic ride through beautiful wildflowers for free on the Bluebonnet Trails Map.

From April 1 to 30, Ennis will present the Bluebonnet Trails, sponsored and mapped by the Tennis Garden Club. The Blue Bonnet Trailways Map, a map of the surrounding landscape, has been expanded and is operated by the co-founder and former Texas park and wildlife merchant John C. Brown. Follow us on social media (@ Ennis, TX) and download the free Enris Y Mobile App for breaking news, events, weather and more.

Ellis County's third largest city is Midlothian, while Waxahachie County is at large and Ennis, with a population of about 1,200, is the state's third largest. The city is home to the Ennis Independent School District, which has more than 2,000 students in four elementary schools and two middle schools. Enris was designated the Official Bluebonnet City of Texas by the Texas Legislature in 1997 and the Official Texas BlueBonnet Trail in 1997.

The NHRA O'Reilly's Fall Nationals are held in Ennis each September, when hundreds of professional and amateur drag racers compete for $2 million in prize money. Enjoy a full day of entertainment, including headlining Monkey Monkey and a variety of food and beverage outlets. The festival will also include shopping and good food and will take place on Saturday 22 September with the final of the Farmers Market, which will include trick - or treating with market vendors, live music, food trucks, vendors and more.

The Ennis Chamber of Commerce was accepted by its members as part of the city's significant contribution to the Meet the City event, and we would like to thank everyone who made this event possible. The sons and daughters of the early settlers developed the first city in the Texas Panhandle with a population of less than 1,000 people at that time.

The early growth was attributed to the success of cotton production in the region, which made Ennis an important source of income for the city and its inhabitants. The expansion of the cotton industry, supplemented by railways, allowed access to foreign and domestic markets through the Port of Houston. Interstate Highway 45 also connected the cities with other major cities, including Corpus Christi, Houston and Austin. By the mid-20th century, Enris had become a centre for trade and commerce, as well as a centre for education and research.

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