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Mollie B's Polka Party will be filmed at the Texas Museum of Natural History in Ennis, Texas, on Saturday, June 3 at 7 p.m. A live join-in band from Mollies B. Texas will be brought to the USA on 4 and 5 June 2016 for a live join-in programme for the audience.

Free parking and shuttle buses are provided from the Ennis High School parking lot at 1405 W Lake Bardwell. For more information, please contact us or follow Enris, TX Main Street City on Facebook. Accommodation is really affordable and we will also offer free parking, shuttle buses and transfers at the Texas Museum of Natural History and in our parking lot at Tennis High School.

The festival begins Friday with an open mic night at the Texas Museum of Natural History with Texan Dutch musicians celebrating their 50th anniversary with their band. On Saturday at 1 p.m., the 4th Kolache Competition will take place on the town stage, where visitors can stroll through the Czech Museum of the City, which is a tribute to the Czechs who contributed to the development of the Ennis community. Dance in the streets of DowntownEnnis with live music, food trucks, vendors and entertainment from local artists.

In three spacious halls, visitors can listen to and dance to traditional polka, waltz and folk music played by the band. Enjoy one prize - the Ennis High School Marching Band performing on a decorated float ridden by a polka band. You can experience a polka band concert with a float - equestrian polka band and an award band - with the high school marching band! Enjoy a polka ride on the float with an award-winning Enris High School Marching Band.

Put on your dancing shoes and come to Ennis, Texas, just 30 miles south of Dallas to celebrate the National Polka Festival.

On Saturday morning at 10 am floats, bands and colourful costumes will open the town festival. The festival also offers a variety of activities for children and adults from 10 to 19.30 Saturday and Sunday. A map (see map below) of the parade that kicks off the National Polka Festival celebrations in downtown is below.

A popular attraction in recent years was the country concert with the Ennis Texas Band, a band from the Dallas / Fort Worth area. The band has played in DFW territory and even played for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Texas A & M University football team. On Saturday night at 7: 30 p.m., the band Ennis will perform to a packed audience at the El Paso Convention Center.

In recent years, members of the Ennis Texas Band, including John Goodwins, Prairieha Pacheco and the Texas A & M University football team, have performed. In honor of the good wannabe, the Ennis Band Booster Club has established a $1,000 scholarship, which is awarded each year to an Enris band leader who graduates.

The Ennis Chamber of Commerce is proud to host Texas A & M University's annual football game. The contributions they have made to our community and to the community as a whole are unprecedented.

The annual celebrity performances in Ennis are accompanied by the visitors of the Sunday Polka Fair with English and Czech anthems to polka music. The queen and king of the festival will be determined on Friday evening by a dance competition in which participants will be asked to wear traditional Czech costumes. All participants, even those who do not take part in the dance competitions, are encouraged to wear traditional "Czech Kroj" costumes in order to get in the mood for the dance event.

The 16,000 residents of Ennis, Texas, host over 50,000 polka enthusiasts at the annual National Polka Festival in Texas, and they are the ones who have developed one of the largest and most popular polka festivals in the world in the United States. Enris is a small town in Texas with a population of just over 1,500, developed by the Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia and the US state of Texas. I decided to go to the small "Czech town" of Tennis Texas and started practicing my steps for the National Polka Festival.

The festivities are held annually on Memorial Day weekend and include cultural activities that the whole family can enjoy in a small city atmosphere. The residents and visitors alike celebrate Czech culture, which gives Ennis's lifestyle taste, fun and good times. The festivities offer a wide range of cultural activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family, including music, dance, food, crafts, entertainment and more. On Friday, the National Polka Festival will open at 7 p.m. with a special dance featuring the popular polka song "Czechoslovakia" and other popular music from the homonymous country.

The National Polka Festival attracts thousands of polka enthusiasts from across the country who come to Ennis not just for dancing. The dance competition, launched by Enris native Johnnie O'Brien and his band, has proved to be one of the festival's most popular performances.

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