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There are only a handful of places in Texas left to go for a drive - in the movie, and Ennis' Galaxy Theatre is one of them. The theatre is located in a new location in the historic city centre of Enris and offers a great place for live entertainment as well as excellent food and drinks. Experience the magic of live theatre with local performing arts groups producing new shows every two months. There are few places in the state of Texas with more than a dozen theaters, but the Ennis Galaxy Theatre must be one of them!

The friendly staff will be happy to take you on a tour and show you everything you need to make your season a success. From garden centres to nurseries, we pride ourselves on our work and we go beyond that to make you feel welcome. Help select the right elements and plants for landscaping so that your vision of the perfect yard becomes reality and the design team comes to you.

Use our selection of outdoor autumn decorations to inspire your imagination, or take advantage of the many opportunities nature has to create a fabulous autumn garden. From inspiring accents to beautiful trees and plants, nature offers you a wealth of options for your fabulous autumn garden! Please contact us today to see if we can meet you in person at one of our stores in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Dallas - Fort Worth or Austin - Houston.

The landscape around your house is an extension of your living space and deserves the same attention when decorating your fall. Transform your porch and yard into a more cozy atmosphere in cooler weather. Long balmy nights on the veranda are your thing in the warmer seasons, but when the weather gets cooler, take advantage of the outdoor living spaces with our autumnal outdoor decorations.

While you're hanging out in Ennis, order a hot sandwich and walk half way through town to deliver to nearby Dominoas Hotspot. Best of all, you don't even have to get off the couch to get that hot, melted, oven-baked sandwich.

For something more Southern, choose the tender grilled chicken sandwich or choose her Buffalo chicken sandwich. Order the Buffalo chicken sandwich, because there's nothing better than a tender grilled chicken breast, served with blue cheese and garnished with onions.

It has a delicate grilled chicken breast, a chef-inspired marinara sauce, and an enticing mix of sweet and sour sauce and a spicy sauce.

You won't be hungry for long after the Mediterranean sandwich, but you'll find that it's worth the wait. This sub is made from the Philadelphia original and contains shredded provolone, melted American cheese and a spicy sauce with tomato sauce.

Fans can refresh themselves at the booth with $10 concessions, but there are plenty of good options available for $5 to $7.

Few people know how to make a hot sandwich in Ennis when a slice of bread is not enough, but this menu gives you the opportunity to buy most of Enris' sandwich.

Get the Buffalo Chicken and Chicken Habanero Sandwich for delicious flavor and creamy blue cheese dressing. The Domino's sandwich is made with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, tomatoes and cream cheese on a slice of bread with pickled cucumber.

Brookshire opened a new store in southern Louisiana last month and one in Louisiana in late 2017. Brookshire also has stores in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, New York City, Houston, Dallas and Houston.

When you visit our nursery, to which we invite you, we will introduce you to options and ideas that bring seasonal warmth to your home. They can show us what you can look for in a variety of different styles, colors, styles and styles of home decor and accessories.

No matter what style you have, you can get furniture from Rent-A-Center in Ennis that will help you make your home look and feel the way you want it to. From artistically designed headboards and linens to a variety of murals and even a bedside table and chair set, Rent-A-center has all the furniture you need to make your place feel like home.

Over the years, homeowners and commercial horticulturalists in the region can meet their horticultural needs. We carry a variety of different types of lawn and garden equipment, from lawn mowers to lawn mowers, from deck chairs to lawn equipment.

We do not want to sacrifice quality to get your money, so we offer tailor-made and flexible payment options that best suit your needs. Book an appointment online, picnic, swim in the beach, get a map of the Bluebonnet Trails to start your adventure, or take a day out hiking, biking, camping, picnicking or other outdoor activities. Save money on your next trip to the Texas State Parks and Recreation Department or National Park Service.

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More About Ennis