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ENNIS, Texas - ENNIS - U Haul Company of Texas is pleased to announce that Ennis Fun Sports has been incorporated as a UHaul (r) Neighborhood Retailer to serve the Ennis community as the first of its kind in the state. With former standout Montae Reagan as an alumnus, the Enris Lions football team has added a familiar face to its coaching staff. I am very excited to be able to train under the guidance of the great coaches and staff of the US Air Force Academy, "Reagan said.

Jack Alvarez, who is the head coach of the Ennis Lions and led the football program to its fifth national championship in 2014, believes Reagan will fit in well. He's also well known in the area and I think he's just a good fit for Enis, "he said. That's what you do when you're right, when you try to help the kids, and that's what he does.

When asked why football was so important to him, the talented young man said he had always wanted to be a lion and represent his hometown of Ennis, Texas, and his family. He played varsity basketball in high school and ran at the University of Texas at Austin, earning him the nickname "Ennis Lion of Football" on Letterman. His history of championships and awards proves that he is one of the best athletes in the country and a great athlete.

He confided to me that he has no doubt that Laylon will catch every ball he has thrown. He has always had an excellent coaching staff and loves it when his senior coaches come up to him and tell him the stories of his relatives, who were also wearing brown and white jerseys at the time. His family members have always encouraged him to play football, as have his father, a former football coach at Ennis High School, and his brother, an assistant coach.

One of Spencer's friends, Charles Sallie, wrote on his Facebook page that Laylon Spencer has all the ball skills in the world. Everyone knows high school football is big in Texas, but I had never experienced a real football city until I came to Ennis. Drake said: 'When I was younger, I lived in Frisco and always went to McKinney I.S.D. School. But I still feel like a quaint, football-mad town, where most children are born here, go to kindergarten through 12th grade, graduate, live and die, whatever I describe as the main difference between Enris, McKinney's and Boyd.

Everyone in Ennis wears maroon all year round, and every Friday night the whole city fills up with stalls. The Ennis-Hill family have been hugely supportive of the Ennis-Hill since childhood. Every match is a struggle, but the young Lions did not disappoint in their first few years as high school football players.

The way our season ended last year definitely motivated us for the year ahead and the numbers speak for themselves with all our front-office staff. Laylon Spencer (WB), who was named District 8-5A Division II player of the year, rushed for 1,000 yards and 17 touchdowns in his first year as a starter.

I'm looking forward to it And if we continue to work on what we have set ourselves, hopefully we will be able to say that we have achieved the goals we have set ourselves.

Prepare for exciting football this autumn, especially with Drake Spencer spurring the Lions "offensive line. After the Aledo game, many expect a great year for this team, but we are not focused on exact expectations. We expect these teams to have the same chance to go deep into the playoffs. We're confident we can perform strongly in the first week and play well.

Reagan said he plans to coach the athletes to encourage them to have fun playing sports. I'm looking forward to bringing my coaching style to Ennis and helping the kids on and off the pitch.

He has proved to be a great coach who has a work ethic that makes him work individually and at home. He has proven that he can work with his athletes and be a good mentor to them. Other diseases where physiotherapy has been helpful include sciatica, scoliosis, fibromyalgia and temporomandibular joint disease. All these are conditions that can cause pain, fatigue, muscle spasms and other symptoms.

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