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There are only a handful of places in Texas left to take a drive - in the movie, and the Ennis Galaxy Theatre is one of them. The theatre is located in a new venue in the historic downtown of Tennis and offers a unique blend of live music, dance, comedy, theatre and comedy shows. With two groups of local actors performing year-round, theatre fans will find plenty to enjoy in Ennis. The Enis Public Theatre in Enris, Texas, has been operating since 2002 and is the perfect place to experience local artists of all genres. There are few places in the state of Texas with more than a dozen theaters, but this is one of them!

One such group is the Ennis Public Theatre, which is known in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for its unique blend of live music, dance, comedy and theater performances.

Discover another part of Ennis history at the Museum of Railway Culture, where you can learn about the city's namesake and browse the collection of the Museum of Railways and Cultural Memorabilia. The museum collection includes cultural memorabilia from the railroad, including items associated with the Houston and Central Texas Railroad, as well as an old locomotive and circular house that once existed north of the town.

Take a look at the history of Ennis and visit one of the best preserved caves in the city, the Cave Museum of the Old Town, in the Natural History Museum.

Ennis is 35 miles south of Texas, but is easily accessible by car and is also connected to Interstate Highway 45. The Ennis Railway and Culture Museum is located just a few kilometres from the old town and the Natural History Museum. If you have forgotten this city, you can forget it for a while, because it is only a short drive from Houston.

The railway's decision to settle in Ennis meant that the nearby town of Burnham, just a few miles away on the other side of Interstate 45, was bypassed. The issue of the decision arose when many of the companies in Burnham were attracted by the railways and moved to Ennis.

Today, the community serves as a dormitory community serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. The charming town of Ennis offers attractions, sights and activities for visitors of all kinds, from museums, wineries to parks. No matter how you relax, you will find exciting and relaxing things in and around the city. There is no better mix of history, culture, art and culture than in the charming town of Ennis.

If you are looking for an active community, a trip to downtown Ennis will show you the diversity of the city. Visit Lionas Park and Bluebonnet Park, where you can be, as well as the historic downtown area, the Texas Museum of Natural History and the University of Texas in Dallas.

The Lion Tennis Centre in Ennis offers tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, golf and other sports. There is also a fraternal organisation, the Duke and Duchess of Enniks, which is crowned annually. Every first Saturday of the month, there is an Ennis Polka Run to fund reading programs for children and youth in the community and local schools.

Head to Ennis, Texas for pulse - beat - beat off - hat race, the bebe pulse pounding, beat hats race. In autumn, marching bands will be featured at the Classic trade fair, from marching bands to marching bands, marching and reggae bands to gramble bands. Texas Motor Speedway, the largest drag race facility in North Texas, hosts drag race events that make your heart beat faster.

Ennis is home to the NHRA super track, where some of the country's best drag racers set world records. Ennis is a 1986 built drag race facility, the largest drag race facility in North Texas and the second largest in the United States.

While Ennis would continue to see the connection to Dallas and Houston with T-shirts, the northeastern spur from Enris to Paris remained unused and sat abandoned. This interstate line ran from Dallas Street to Texas Midland, with a spur to Breckenridge Street. The line runs parallel to the downtown T-track, but was paved after construction work on the Dallas-Houston Expressway (T) and Texas Central Railroad (TXR) was suspended. This line runs today on the east side of Dallas and runs between Texas Street and Texas Avenue, north of Texas Boulevard and south of Interstate 35.

T - NO acquired Texas Midland, Houston and Texas Central, which resulted in the dissolution of the companies in a merger, the H - TC lines were integrated into the South Pacific system and the Texas Midland Route was completely abandoned. Plans have been announced to build a line connecting the recently established Burlington Rock Island Railroad (BNR) with the Houston - Dallas - Houston line.

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